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industrial commercial workshops mackay

Industrial Sheds

We supply a range of robust and dynamic sheds that are flexible in design, allowing our customers to design a shed to suit their purposes. 

The scope of our work allows for heights of up to 9 metres, clear spans of more than 30 metres and lengths of 200 metres or more. Moreover, they are also designed to importance level 2, and can have snow and earthquake loadings applied if need be.

Sheds n Homes steel buildings are made using 450+ MPa BlueScope steel, which enables the overall structure to be much more robust. We also use extra reinforcing methods to ensure our buildings are exceptionally strong. 

The lightweight components in our steel buildings help decrease the need for heavy machinery, and allows for easier transportation, saving both money and time.

To get a quote on a design or to get a custom-made design that meets the specifications for your business project, make an appointment with our industrial specialist on 1800 764 764.